About us

Aeronautical and Electrical Fire Testing Laboratory

LEFAE -  Aeronautical and Electrical Fire Testing Laboratory


Created in 2006,  LEFAE is a testing laboratory is a testing laboratory specialized in the design, development and implementation of tests with severe constraints.

In 2017, LEFAE became a subsidiary of the Emitech Group, an independent group, French leader in environmental testing. 

The Group's services cover all certification, qualification and characterization tests for industrial products. LEFAE is recognized for its tests in the category of extreme tests: fire, explosive atmosphere...




Our objectives and missions


We carry out tests for our customers or make our resources available to them.

We provide our partners with the organizational and technical means to achieve their goals of excellence:

  • Conformity of their products to the requirements specified or necessary for their use 
  • Development, upkeep, management and improvement of their quality, safety and environmental assurance systems,
  • Increase the performance level of their organization and their competitiveness.

We regularly intervene in the aeronautical, automotive, electrical, mechanical, plastics and service industries.




Our fields of expertise


We are specialized in the fields of:

fire resistance,
fire non propagation,
environmental testing,
analysis of mechanical, dimensional and physicochemical properties

  • fire resistance,
  • fire non-propagation,
  • environmental testing,
  • analysis of mechanical, dimensional and physicochemical properties

We offer our experience in the practice of testing at the service of our partners, in collaboration with their Research and Development departments and their Expertise, Control and Testing services.

We are specialists in the development of testing devices and methods as well as in the setting up and implementation of testing programs.




Our recognitions


LEFAE is accredited by COFRAC (Accreditation N° 1-1972) and SAFRAN to perform tests according to various programs.

All LEFAE's services are carried out in accordance with the quality requirements defined by the international standards ISO/CEI 17025 "General recommendations for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories" and ISO 9001.

Overview of our St-Chamond site


LEFAE shares with Adetests, another subsidiary of the Emitech Group, the St-Chamond site. The following video presents an overview of the human and technical resources of this site,






LEFAE - Specialist in extreme tests