Fire tests on batteries (ECE R100 Rev2)

Checking the fire behaviour of Lithium batteries

Fire tests on batteries according to Annex 8E of UNECE Regulation No. 100 (Rev2) (ECE R10 Rev2)


Revision 2 of UNECE Regulation No.100 imposes a number of tests on manufacturers of rechargeable battery systems found in electric motor vehicles. These tests are intended to ensure the safe operation of rechargeable batteries under the intended conditions of use, and to provide a greater level of safety for drivers and passengers of the vehicles.

Among these tests, we can find the fire tests on batteries.


Verification of the fire behavior of Lithium batteries in case of fire from outside the vehicle.

Driver and passengers must have enough time to evacuate the vehicle





Conduct of the battery test according to Annex 8E ECE R100 Rev2

  • The battery is subjected to a direct sheet fire for 70 seconds 
  • Then, the battery is exposed to an indirect fire for 60 seconds (interposition of a firebrick screen).

feu direct phase b ece r100 rev2
Direct exposure to flame Phase B  ECE R100 rev 2

Feu indirect phase C ECE R100 rev2
Indirect exposure to flame Phase c  ECE R100 rev 2

  • The battery is supervised until it cools down (or 3h)





Our fire expertise is at your service


Lefae is built around aeronautical fire tests. Our level of requirements and the expectations of this sector allow us to offer you our assets in the implementation of your battery tests

  • Our facilities allow us to perform these fire tests on large batteries 
  • We apply the same quality of follow-up to your tests by filming the entire test from up to 4 angles of view
  • We integrate the characterization of the environment at the time of the tests (temperature and wind speed measurements)
  • We take thermal data on your battery (temperature measurements by thermocouple and with an IR camera)


feu direct phase b ece r100 rev2

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Feu direct phase b ECE R100 rev2
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Ingénierie thermique - essais batteries ECE R100



Our fire expertise can be extended and applied to other systems: tank, chassis, hydraulic and fuel systems, etc.